Workplace Health & Safety

At Balkanu we are dedicated to creating a safe and healthy work environment for our workers, consultants, contractors, volunteers and our visitors.  To be effective in keeping our workplace safe, we ensure our workers are equipped with practical skills and necessary knowledge through regular training, awareness programs and management support.

Balkanu strongly promotes health and safety management systems for every business and believes this enhances staff performance and efficiency in an organisation.

Balkanu is an accredited service provider that offers Workplace, Health and Safety advisory services to organisations. Our Work, Health & Safety staff have over 10 years’ experience and are familiar with the needs of indigenous corporations and the complexities of remote working environments.

Services we can offer

  • Safety Advice and Consultancy
  • Safety Management Systems and Compliance
  • Safety Leadership
  • Rehabilitation, Return to Work Services
  • Fire Safety Advisory Services
  • Workplace Health and Safety Training
  • Electrical Test and Tag
  • Safety Audit
  • Emergency Management Plans
  • Risk Management
  • Incident Investigation
  • Tool Box Talks and Presentation

And we are able to tailor our services to suit your organisation’s specific needs

Examples of some of our Training Courses

  • Introduction to Safety (Why is Safety important?)
  • A How to Guide in Safety Management Systems
  • Safety Leadership (Responsibilities for Boards & Executives)
  • Bullying and Harassment Awareness
  • Social Media, Email and Online Etiquette
  • Contractor Management
  • Hazardous Manual Tasks
  • Incident & First Aid Reporting
  • Plant Management in the Workplace
  • Remote Work in Cape York—Hazard Management
  • Managing Risk in the Workplace
  • Drug & Alcohol Awareness
  • Ergonomics – Essentials for the Office
  • Health & Hygiene Essentials for the Office
  • Office Fire Prevention and Response
  • Understanding Office Safety

Benefits derived from our service

  • Reduce risks of fines or litigation costs
  • Reduce lost time claims
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce stress for management and workers
  • Increase worker morale
  • Positive community profiling
  • Legal compliance with Workplace Health and Safety Legislation

For more information:

Please contact the Balkanu Workplace Health & Safety Department at or

Or by Phoning (07) 4051-6273, 0419 795 772