Who is Balkanu

Balkanu Cape York Development Corporation is not-for-profit organisation under the ownership of Cape York Corporation Pty Ltd, trustee for the Cape York Aboriginal Charitable Trust.  Cape York Corporation Pty Ltd is the trustee entity that manages Balkanu’s operation in delivery of on-ground services to assist the Aboriginal people of Cape York in their strive to achieve self-determination and to improve the disadvantage social and economic health for Indigenous Australians  in this region of Far North Queensland.

Over the years of its operation, Cape York Corporation has demonstrated its ongoing commitment to assist Indigenous peoples of Cape York Peninsula achieve vibrant, healthy and culturally strong indigenous communities, at the same time promoting sustainable economic development for the First Nations people in Cape York Peninsula.

Our organisational purpose is guided by the aspirations of Indigenous Elders and Leaders of Cape York which were declared at the 1995 Wujual Wual Land and Health Summit –

“We want our people to be independent and self-reliant”

“We want to manage our own affairs according to our own law and culture with dignity and power”

“We dream of a time when people do not have to reply on welfare, but can be economically independent.”

“We long for a time when our children can look forward to the future with confidence and strength.”

“We look forward to a time of peace and reconciliation between ourselves and our people, no matter what colour and race they are.”

We look forward to a time when our people are healthy in mind, body and spirit.”

We are committed to achieve positive outcomes for First Nations People through investigating, developing and facilitation of new approaches in joint partnerships with key stakeholders. 

We work on initiatives that will empower Indigenous people and their communities gain the right to self-determination while retaining their cultural heritage.  We provide assistance to communities to drive the transformation for First Nations people by building up capabilities that enable communities to achieve sustainable environments, and become socially and economically healthy societies.

Our vision is to shape a brighter future for First Nations people through collaborative working relationships based shared values and respect for one another.

Cape York Corporation Pty Ltd is accountable to

  • The beneficiaries of the Trust – the Aboriginal People of Cape York;
  • The Australian Securities and Investment Commission to ensure it complies with the Corporation Law;
  • Funding bodies for acquittal of specific grants.

Balkanu Cape York Development Corporation Pty Ltd (Balkanu) is owned by Cape York Corporation Pty Ltd as trustee of the Cape York Aboriginal Charitable Trust.

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