Umpila Healthy Country Project

Balkanu was contracted by Bush Heritage Australia to act as project facilitator providing strategic project oversight, on-ground training, Financial and Governance management, Contract management, Administrative support, coordination and supervision of workers to achieve key performance objectives.  Key achievements were fencing upgrade, weed eradication, equipment handling and maintenance, application of scientific methodology in the protection of endangered species, collection of species and data recording for long term environmental sustainability in the caring of their country.

Bush Heritage Australia were among our corporate supporters in enabling Traditional Owners assess the land and sea management needs on Cape York and to develop and implement detailed plans alighted with the Caring for Country Strategy (initially developed by Balkanu and its sister organisations in 2007).  In joint partnership with BHA and corporate supporters (like the Nature Conservancy, JCU, QPWS, State Government Agencies), we worked under the principles of the Caring for Country Strategy on Cape York 2008-2013. Highlighted below are some significant achievements:

  • Created approximately 40 fulltime and 50 new casual positions, predominantly as Indigenous Rangers, many of them were awarded nationwide certification.
  • Improved capabilities for Land Trust organisations to operate more efficiently and opportunities to expand their business through Balkanu’s provision of leadership development program that resulted in improved workers’ skills, guidance in compliance to Government legislations, corporate governance.
  • Established sustainable land and sea management initiatives for effective natural resource management through increased scientific knowledge into conservation practices gained from partnerships with specialist scientists and their research.
  • Indigenous groups will have greater potential for income diversification for land management activities that reduced reliance on government funding.
  • Balkanu continues to offer training and education programs to Indigenous clan groups enabling them to improve their capacity and build new enterprises.

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