Services and what we do

Balkanu has many service offerings to support our cause for First Nations people on Cape York including the peoples of Torres Straits Islands. Our main services cover:

  • LAND REFORM AND TENURE RESOLUTION – One of Balkanu’s core responsibilities is to negotiate the transfer of a range of state-owned properties on Cape York Peninsula to back to aboriginal ownership. Balkanu, jointly with Cape York Land Council, has been a leading advocate for land acquisition and contention of native title rights for Indigenous people of Cape York.  Balkanu is a strong proponent for Aboriginal Land Owners to gain joint management of National Parks in regional Queensland.  We support Aboriginal Land Owners to negotiate the transfer of national parks created under the Cape York Peninsular Heritage Act 2007 to be brought under Indigenous Land ownership and management.  Balkanu liaise closely with Cape York Land Council to provide legal and technical advice to Traditional Owners and their families;  acting as facilitation-negotiator to work through processes for parties to reach amicable agreements in land tenure; assist Traditional Landowners with the  development of contracts in land management, conservation, economic development and preservation of aboriginal heritage.  Balkanu is a key participant in the Cape York Tenure Resolution Implementation Group (CYTRIG) with the Queensland Government and conservation groups.
  • COMMUNITY BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT has been Balkanu’s commitment to bring about economic development to Cape York’s indigenous communities.  Supported by funding providers and corporate supporters, we have been able to offer financial management, mentoring,  business advisory and project management services that resulted in the increase of Indigenous enterprises,  generation of new business economic advancement opportunities. 
  • BUSINESS CONSULTANCY SERVICES are offered mainly to aspiring entrepreneurs on Cape York who wants to grow their business, evolving  communities considering new development potentials,  people seeking equity partners to support new commercial ventures,  advocacy and legal assistance, et al.  Our experienced leadership team can offer professional advice,  market research, business facilitation and negotiations through the strong network of support from Government agencies or corporate partners or via pro-bono expertise.
  • CARING FOR COUNTRY ACTIVITIES – The Caring for Country unit work on projects to help secure aboriginal management of both land and sea country, assisting Traditional Owners and families to plan and executed sustainable management, as well as recording of traditional knowledge and heritage for the present and future.
    Balkanu collaborated with regional partners to develop a Caring for Country strategy that was based on Traditional Elders’ aspiration on caring for their country and protect Cape York’s unique culture, environment, flora and fauna and it progressed on to obtaining grants to implement many Caring for Country programs for Cape York communities.  The Rangers Program was among one of the most successful initiatives managed by Balkanu.  From its inception in 2009, Balkanu has engaged, trained and mentored over 150 indigenous rangers to  work on their country  and learn about conservation and land management,  development of sustainable environment plans, and preservation of Indigenous cultural sites, eradication of feral animals and weeds. With the creation of employment opportunities through this program, social change has become evident through improved health, less dependence on social services, and a sense of ownership and pride in becoming a Ranger on their country.  Some Balkanu- trained ranger groups have moved on to start up their own independent Land Resource Management enterprises.
  • TRADITIONAL KNOWLEDGE RECORDING – Balkanu provided the know-how and training using advance technical expertise to Indigenous people on Cape York to digitally record their traditional practices, language and cultural activities so that story-telling traditions and heritage of each clan groups can be well-preserved for future generations.
  • LOW COST HOUSING SCHEME served to help Traditional Owners construct practical outstations/ dwellings in remote communities.  The project promoted possibility of new employment through training in basic life skills in construction of buildings for families and clan groups as well as enabling local landowners dwell on their country and manage their land.
  • FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION MANAGEMENT SERVICES are available to organisations that do not have the resource to do their books. Balkanu provides bookkeeping and accounting services such payrolls, BAS preparation, superannuation, GST and Tax lodgements. We will ensure that our clients’ financial records are up to date and in compliance with the Australian Accounting Standards.
  • WORK HEALTH SAFETY SERVICES – Balkanu is an accredited service provider of Work Health Safety courses and consultation on Risk Management.  Our organisation takes conscious responsibility to maintain a positive and safe workplace guided by our Safety Management Program.  All levels of managers are workers are made aware and aptly trained in all aspects of Occupational Safety and Health regulations and protocols, risk management, mutual respect and continuous communication to improve our work environment.  We can help our clients to develop a practical and effective Health and Safety plan specific to their needs, offer training to any organisation that seek to improve the quality of their safety management systems, ensuring its compliance to the Work Health and Safety Act 2011.

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