Raine Island Recovery Project For Endangered Green Turtles

Raine Island Recovery Project aims to improve the reproductive success and reduce adult mortality of green turtles at Raine Island. Raine Island is regarded as the most important seabird rookery in the Great Barrier Reef and it also supports the largest population of nestling green turtles in the world.  This is a collaborative project with key partners, namely BHP Billiton, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, Traditional Owners of Wuthathi and Kemer Kemer Merian Nation together with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation. 

Balkanu coordinated the logistics, engagement and liaison with Traditional Owners, as well as consultants to ensure proper communication and administration of project outcomes. Balkanu assisted with facilitation of meeting discussions, workshops that forward the momentum of formal agreements between Traditional Owners and stakeholders for successful achievement of the main aims of the program, which is to protect and restore the island’s critical habitat to ensure the future of marine species, including endangered green turtles and seabirds.

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