Peninsula Development Road, Cape York

The Peninsula Development Road starts at Lakeland Downs and ends at Weipa. A 558km run (see map attached).  It is one of the vital transport links within the Cape. Running off the PDR just north of the Lockhart River turnoff is the other important link to the Northern Peninsula communities of BamagaPeninsula_Developmental_Road_MAP_2015, Seisia, Umagico, New Mapoon and Injinoo.  Fifteen communities will benefit from these important road networks

Governments must commit to completing sealing of the PDR and to the tip within 10 years or sooner.The PDR is part of the National highway road networks and as such responsibility for route 81 sits with the State Department of Transport and Main Roads.  The Federal Government funds road maintenance, flood damage and new builds.  Currently plans are being drawn for the next major projects along the PDR and NPA.  A proposed $250M spend.

Projects on the PDR have to be job and skills creators for Indigenous men and women.  Tender requirements must ensure increased participation for our Bama people. It should also incubate and give preference to higher quota of Indigenous civil contractors.  Department of Transport and Main Roads have settled a Priority Area Agreement with Traditional Owners.

PDR projects must lift the rate of employment for Indigenous people. Principles have been included to address:  Indigenous training,  Indigenous business opportunity, economic opportunity, payments for gravel, water and land disturbance and process of engagement with Traditional Owner groups.

Above all the Priority Area Agreement is a stepping stone towards settling an Indigenous Land Use Agreement for the PDR and a long term regional agreement that provides long term certainty for all stakeholders which has as its centrepiece, respect and recognition for the First People of Cape York.

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