Land Reform Unit: Economic Autonomy

Balkanu’s National Parks and State Land Reform Unit delivers significant outcomes for Cape York Indigenous Land Trusts and Corporations through ongoing support to improve their economic independence.  Most recently this includes:

  • Forestry Opportunities:  Balkanu has worked closely with Traditional Owners to ensure they are well aware, and informed of the economic opportunities for timber resources.
  • Gravel Extraction:  Balkanu has worked with the Far North Queensland (FNQ) office of the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) to provide economic development opportunities for Traditional Owners on Cape York, in the delivery of future gravel construction works under its control.  The planned $210 million Commonwealth-funded upgrade of the Peninsula Development Road (PDR) has the potential to be a major opportunity for Traditional Owners to be able to benefit from the sale of quarry material on their lands recently handed back.
  • Cattle Opportunities:  Balkanu and Cape York Land Council have provided advice to Traditional Owners on the issue of cleanskin cattle, and continue to provide advice accordingly to ensure Traditional Owners reap the economic benefits on cattle control and trading.
  • Early Season Savannah Burning:  Balkanu has been advocating for recognition of the rights for Aboriginal landowners to claim carbon credits for early season savannah burning activity on Aboriginal Freehold, NP (CYPAL), Nature Refuges and jointly managed Regional Parks.


pic3_-_Quarry_Truck pic4_-_Feral_cattle
Balkanu has worked closely with Queensland Government Agencies and Cook Shire Council to ensure Traditional Owners can benefit from the sale of quarry materials on traditional lands. Balkanu continues to advise Traditional Owners on their obligations and rights to manage feral cattle on their lands and accordingly to ensure proceeds from the sale of these feral cattle can be passed onto Traditional Owners.