Biodiversity Projects

Balkanu auspiced and facilitated numerous of biodiversity programs for many Indigenous Land Trusts and clan groups on the eastern board of Cape York.  Initial small scale surveys have identified areas of endemic infestations which pose an imminent threat to the surrounding landscape and coastal areas.  Balkanu assisted with sourcing of funding support and consultants to address the issues threatening biodiversity in the land and sea countries.  The projects identified control of weeds (Flora and Fauna), feral cattle and pigs in wetlands, reintroduction of traditional fire management practices to protect landscape integrity, implantation of permit system for recreational hunters and visitors and training rangers to increase their capacity to effectively rehabilitate the degraded areas.  These biodiversity projects brought effective outcomes for Traditional Owners group – such as

  • Increase biodiversity in eastern coastal zones and associated wetlands,
  • Increased foreshore integrity and conservation of eastern seaboard coastlands,
  • the improvement of habitat condition through appropriate fire management,
  • Improved visitor management and sensitive site protection,
  • Enforcement of traditional marine conservation plans developed,
  • Increased capacity for traditional owners and ranger group to manage land and sea activities and provide good governance to protection of coastal environment,
  • Removal of cattle from highly sensitive areas ( wetlands and coastal areas),
  • Feral pig reduction and increased recruitment of native vegetation,
  • Increased native vegetation and planting within the coastal zone,
  • Control of weed movements through access corridors and prevention of vectors for weed sprea

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